Smile Balloons established in 2010

Who are we? – We are a team of young, driven, active balloonists up for any challenge. To us, hot air ballooning is a hobby, a sport and a lifestyle. Since day one, the team has enjoyed successes making it one of the top ten teams of Lithuania’s best balloonists – currently in the top five. In its pursuit of better results, the team actively participates in hot air ballooning competitions in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Belarus, as well as the European Air Ballooning Championships in Poland and Hungary. After four years on the market, the team, in collaboration with like-minded peers, held the 2014 Lithuanian Hot Air Ballooning Championship in Elektrėnai, which was honoured as one of the most spectacular events in the city. We believe that every flight isn’t just a take-off and landing – first and foremost, every ride is a new adventure. A ride with the Smile Balloons team is our guarantee of an unforgettable experience. Fly  with a smile!

Hot air balloon pilot Vytas Kerdokas

Oro baliono Pilotas Vytas

Hot air balloon pilot Albertas Kerdokas

Oro baliono Pilotas Albertas

The future pilot Donatas Domkus

Busimasis oro baliono pilotas

Hot air balloon LY-OSK

Oro balionas SMILE

Hot air balloon LY-OES

Smile oro balionas

Hot air balloon LY-OCH

Sportinis oro balionas

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