COVID-19 and Hot Air Balloon Experience

Last updated: 28 05 2020

Due to COVID-19 and related government restrictions aimed at controlling coronavirus in Lithuania, “Smile balloons” temporarily suspended flight operations.

We are optimistic waiting government recommendations on balloon flights.

In response to the situation, we give additional 12 months for gift vouchers, and when buying a new one, it will be valid for 500 days.

We will notify you about the change of situation on our page and on our Facebook account.

You can make a hot air balloon reservation for the desired date, we will inform you if the situation changes.

Thank you for your support.

CIA information

For 2020 events we have established timelines for decisions about “go or no-go” and we working with organizers to determine which events may have to be cancelled or, if possible, postponed.
The deadline for the CAT1 events that are scheduled for this year are:
64th Gordon Bennett, Poland:
Go no Go decision May 15th
Entry deadline postponed till June 15th.
4th Womens World Championship, Poland: May 11th
May 11th decision on “Go – No Go” for the event
May 18th entry deadline of round 2
May 22nd entry deadline of standby list entries
May 18th start invitation for 3rd round. 
June 11th entry deadline of round 3
24th World Championship, Slovenia:
Go no Go decision June 19th
Pre-European Championship, Hungary:
Go no Go decision July 10th

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Welcome to the magical world of flight, Fly over Tuscany aboard a hot air balloon, a fantastic trip awaits you.

Ballooning Tuscany
welcome to the magical world of hot air balloons in Tuscany