Skrydis oro balionu Vilniuje Kaina

Vilnius is one of the most beautiful European capitals and one of the very few where hot air ballooning over the city is permitted. Vilnius is renowned not just for its cultural landmarks, but also for its picturesque views.

At €109 99 per person

Skrydis oro balionu Trakuose Kaina

Trakai stands proud as a Lithuanian symbol of tourism attracting thousands of tourists every year, just like Venice of Italy or Saint Petersburg of Russia. Trakai is a city on water with the only difference being that it is surrounded by lakes as opposed to a sea coast

At €109 99 per person

Skrydis oro balionu dviese kaina

Romantic Couple – a VIP flight in a hot air balloon. Experience a ride in a hot air balloon with just your partner, with nobody else to disturb the moment.

At €399 €369 per two people

Keturių asmenų skrydis oro balionu kaina

Hot air balloon ride for four – a great opportunity to save and still have fun with the closest people to you.

At €419 €389 per four people

Šešių asmenų skrydis oro balionu kaina

Hot air balloon ride for six – a chance to enjoy a ride in the company of friends and the pilot. Beautiful moments and unforgettable experiences are guaranteed!

At €619 €582 per six people

Indvidualus skrydis oro balionu iš pasirinktos vietos kainos teirautis

Personalised arrangements for hot air balloon rides, such as take-off from a corporate or residential backyard, a tethered hot air balloon ride, etc.

Price upon application